The WSCSS K8 Conference will be back!  Tentatively put February 3, 2018 on your calendar for a day of learning how to teach about Islam (the religion, constitutional issues, immigration, and more) in your classroom.

Railroads are a major part of the heritage of the Pacific Northwest. In fact, this form of public transportation established most of the early communities in the western United States. Towns quickly developed around railroad stations and many grew into the cities where we now live and teach.

Prior to the completion of transcontinental railroad in 1869, settlers spent four to eight months coming west along the Oregon Trail.  Once railroads were a viable option for even the countries’ poorest immigrants,  migration into the West was intense and immediate. Within a generation the Pacific Northwest was peopled by thriving communities of settlers, and that pioneering spirit remains a unique part of the Northwest. These settlers relied on railroads to bring their crops such as wheat and apples to market. The lumber industry flourished as small railroads specialized in getting timber to the mills.


The railroad changed everything about the Northwest.



Highlights of the day include: 

  • A steam locomotive train ride through the Snoqualmie Valley

  • A docent led trip to the Northwest Railway Museum

  • Keynote address by Craig Thorpe - noted artist, historian and enthusiast of “All Things Train!” 

  • How to make your students historians - shared by teachers who have researched their own lessons on local history in Bonny Lake, Poulsbo, Bellevue, and Newcastle

  • Mary Anne Christy: Teaching Critical Thinking in Critical Times

  • Jessie Cunningham: Railroads changed everything - field trips for students

  • Anthony Jonas: A case study on how to plan a local history field trip

  • Patty Shelton: Examining Fishing Rights using Making Thinking Visible Routines

  • Dr. Margit McGuire: A Chinese Railroad Storypath.  

  • As always, six (STEM approved!) clock hours are included

The Conference Schedule

See what's planned for our day together in Snoqualmie, on the rails, and at the Northwest Railway Museum!

Conference Registration - Closed

Attend the K8 Conference in Snoqualmie, WA!  A great lunch, one year of membership to the WSCSS, and six clock hours (now STEM approved!) are provided with this registration.

Type of Registration:

Registration for the WSCSS 2017 K8 Conference is now closed. Your $60/20 registration cost will cover attendance at the conference, lunch, a train ride out through the Snoqualmie valley, a one year membership to the WSCSS, and six clock hours.

There is no walk-in registration for the K8 conference this year.  If you have any registration questions or concerns including cancellation, please contact Mary Barnes at

Location and Date

February 4th, 2017  8AM-2:30PM

The American Legion Hall and Northwest Railway Museum
38625 SE River Street
Snoqualmie, WA


2017 Session Documents

As presenters upload documents from their sessions, they will be available here.  Many presenters work on their sessions right up until the day of the conference, so come back after you attend the conference in February.