C3 Framework Dimensions

Copyright  Sarah Murray

Copyright Sarah Murray

Dimension 1: Developing questions and planning inquiries

See Humanities for more on reading and writing.

Dimension 2: Applying Disciplinary tools and concepts

Civics: Model United Nations in Japan (Registration opens May 1, 2016)

  • Civic and political institutions

  • Participation and deliberation: Applying civic virtues and democratic principles

  • Processes, rules, and laws

  • For additional resources go to our Civics page.

The Council for Economic Education Budget Simulation

  • Economic decision making

  • Exchange and markets

  • The national economy

  • The global economy

  • For additional resources go to our Economics page.

270 to Win Interactive Electoral Maps

  • Geographic representations: Spatial views of the world

  • Human-environment interaction: Place, regions, and culture

  • Human population: Spatial patterns and movements

  • Global interconnections: Changing spatial patterns

  • For additional resources go to our Geography page.

Beyond the Bubble

  • Change, continuity, and context

  • Perspectives

  • Historical sources and evidence

  • Causation and argumentation

  • For additional resources go to our History page.

Dimension Three: Evaluating Sources and Using Evidence

Dimension Four: Communicating Conclusions and Taking Informed Action

Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Presentations, and Prezi have become standard presentation programs. Try the following for something new.

  • Animoto: This amazingly easy to use program creates professional looking videos quickly. Teachers can get up to 50 student accounts for free. Another good option is Jux.

  • Voki: Consider using avatars to read learning targets, spelling words and more. Students can use them for a fun way to give a short report or read a poem.

  • Glogster: Create interactive posters. You can even imbed video in them.

  • Jing: Create "how-to" videos quickly and easily or make your own annotated screenshots.

  • Nearpod: Perfect for the blended classroom or teachers who teach online. Create interactive multimedia online presentations which can be viewed from handheld devices while responses are monitored by the teacher.

  • Storybird: Create meaningful visual stories and reports using a storybook format. Images are provided by professional artists. Teachers monitor student work.

  • Poster: Pages, Publisher, Web page poster or Glogster

  • Timelines: Timetoast, TimeGlider, Gapminder, Preceden, Teach-nology, ReadWriteThink

  • Infographics: Venngage, Pictochart, Slide Carnival (Google Slides)