The Boston Marathon

The hardest part about going to NCSS is all of the preparation that it takes to be able to go. Unlike many jobs, a teacher cannot pick up and go without putting together plans for a substitute teacher. Many times it is easier to simply go to school than it is to make sub plans. As a teacher that wants to get the most out of every day of class, it is always hard for me to miss a day of school.

Yet while it is difficult to be away from my classroom, I am excited about all that I hope to learn while I am at NCSS. While it is a marathon of preparation to go to NCSS, it is going to be well worth the reward of being around colleagues, learning from some of the best in the nation, and coming back to school energized and excited. With the challenging times ahead, (the time between Thanksgiving and Winter Break is always the toughest three weeks for me) I am hoping that my time in Boston will give me the energy I need to get through.

Sub plans are finished, bag is packed, I am ready to head off to Boston. Keep checking back for more updates as Anthony Jonas and I get to Boston and start living the social studies teacher dream. 

Posted on November 19, 2014 .