Adventures with Mr T


Tony and I have made it to Boston without any major incidents. We will now embark on one of my favorite urban adventures, navigating public transportation in a new city. I used to be anxious about public transportation,  and I hardly ever rode it in growing up. I quickly lost that fear after two successive trips to Asia.  If you think it is hard to navigate in a city in the US, try doing it in a city without Roman script. But after following the Red Line, to the Red-Orange Line to the Fuscia Line in Tokyo (also with Tony Jonas), I love getting on mass transit in whatever city I land in.

In Boston, the newest adventure will involve Mr T (The T being the name of Boston subway system). The last time I rode it, when I was in town for the Boston Marathon,  I had a positive feeling (in spite of all of the Bruins fans fresh off a playoff loss), so I am excited to see where the adventure takes us. Next stop is the convention center and NCSS. 




Posted on November 20, 2014 .