Presidential Politics

An event I have looked forward to since I arrived at NCSS has been the Council Presidents meeting. I have been part of the WSCSS for eight years and we have taken some large strides forward in those eight years, but we want to do more. Coming to this meeting always gives me ideas about where we can go in Washington.

Hearing about partnerships between the department of education and the New York social studies conference or Connecticut and its new policy of "every student in social studies every year," give me ideas about where Washington can go in the future. The worst thing any organization can do is fail to bring in outside voices, and events like these are great for our organization to hear what is happening beyond our borders.

As we move forward this year and into next, the WSCSS is committed to growing into one of the preeminent state social studies organizations in the country. Seeing what other states are doing is part of that,  but so is hearing from our members. Hopefully many of you are ready to help us move forward. 

Posted on November 22, 2014 .