On the Freedom Trail

The last day of NCSS always seems a bit anticlimactic.  It a a great conference,  filled with dynamic speakers, interesting workshops and fun social events,  but it slowly comes to a close Sunday morning. Many people are heading out of town and sometimes it feels like you missed the last bus out of town. 


It is too bad because Ken Burns closed the conference out on a high note with him presentation. It was a nice end to what has been a great conference. I am already looking forward to New Orleans next November! 


After the conference,  we spent the day along the Freedom Trail.  Tony and I walked from Boston Common past such historic sites as the Old State House (site of the Boston Massacre), Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere's House, and the Old North Church.  We finished with a tour of the USS Constitution and a walk up to the Bunker Hill Monument. It was a day ful of Revolutionary history,  but it was a great day for a history nerd like me. It is hard not to feel patriotic when you are surrounded by so much history.


We finished our night with a ride back to the convention center on Boston's bike share system . It has been a great time in Boston for NCSS 2014. Coming to events like this are what sustain me, my love for social studies, and our hopes for professional development in Washington. I feel energized, inspired, and ready to go back and do the real work. I am definitely committed to the civic mission of schools. 

Posted on November 23, 2014 .