Checking Out the Library


With less than a day left in Boston,  we decided to check out the John F Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library. I have never been to a presidential library,  so I was very excited about the chance to visit one. I have to admit that I was not disappointed. The time of the Kennedy Administration was one filled with world changing events and it is extensively chronicled in the Museum. It would be a wonderful place to bring my students, but I will have to wait for a closer library. 

This is a very appropriate ending to our trip to NCSS and Boston. From here we go to the airport and then back to Seattle. We appreciate all of the people that took the time to keep up with us throughout our time here. We hope that this will encourage more WSCSS members to take advantage of the great experience NCSS has to offer. We also hope that if you cannot make it to NCSS, you check out some of our WSCSS events like our Winter K-8 Conference and our Spring Conference in Chelan. While we may not be able to offer historical Boston as a backdrop,  we offer high quality sessions, presenters, and activities to learn and connect with teachers statewide.  

We look forward to New Orleans in 2015, but we also look forward to seeing many of you at one of our WSCSS conferences before then. 

Posted on November 24, 2014 .