Japanese American Historical Society / National Park Service Dissonant Voices Free 2-Day Institute

The Japanese American Historical Society in San Francisco and the National Park Service Dissonant Voices program are offering a free 2-day institute to secondary teachers your area on August 2 and 3.

Our local partners are the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community, The Bainbridge Island Art Museum, the Wing Luke Museum and the Seattle Nisei Veterans Committee. The institute, titled "Enhancing Local and Regional Perspectives on the Japanese American Incarceration is framed by the compelling question, "In What Ways Did Place Determine the Fate of Japanese Americans after the Bombing of Pearl Harbor?"

Using an inquiry approach we will explore explanations for the mass removal of Japanese Americans on the West Coast? Our goal is provide teachers with practical and useful ideas for implementing standards based social studies education.  Included in our program are student ready case studies that compare pre and post World War II communities in Seattle, California, and Hawaii.  We will visit the Bainbridge Island Exclusion Memorial, the Wing Luke Museum, and Seattle's International District. Teachers will receive a $300 stipend for participating and sharing (informally) with their colleagues.  They will also receive classroom materials including videos, power point slides, and an animated map. 

Teachers can email grace@njahs for information and to register or go to njhas.org.

Posted on May 8, 2016 .