Upcoming World Affairs Council workshops

The World Affairs Council is hosting several teacher workshops this fall. Check them out!

Brexit, Transatlantic Relations, and Russia: The Global Significance of a British Exit from the EU

September 27 @ 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM

On Tuesday, September 27th, join Global Classroom for an Educator’s Workshop about the global significance of Britain’s Exit from the EU. Learn about the wider implications of Brexit for the EU, Europe, Russia, the US, and in terms of international relations more broadly. Explore populist politics across Europe in order to place Brexit into its larger context—and learn more about current social, political, and economic concerns affecting EU Nations, Russia, and Europe as a whole. Teachers will receive full lesson plans and curricular resources in order to bring the conversation on Brexit’s global significance into K-12 classrooms.

Teachers, students, and community members welcome.


Gender, Development, and Human Rights Work in North Africa and the Middle East

October 25 @ 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Learn directly from the activists and change-makers on the ground, and leave equipped with knowledge and curricular resources to tell your students a different story about the Middle East and North Africa.  

Workshop cost ($30) includes curricular resource packet, 3 clock hours, and a light dinner. 

Climate Change and Human Rights Workshop

November 3 @ 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Join the World Affairs Council and Western Washington University on November 3rd  for an educator’s workshop all about climate change and its relationship to issues of social justice and human rights around the world. Teachers will explore climate change from both an environmental and a societal perspective, and will learn tools for engaging students around the issues.

Teachers will receive standards-aligned curricular resources and full original lesson plans to help bring the complex topic of climate change to the classroom. This is an interdisciplinary workshop, and would be appropriate for teachers in the Sciences, Arts, and Humanities.

Workshop includes 3 clock hours (with STEM components), classroom resources, and a light dinner.

Posted on September 21, 2016 .