Upcoming Council on Public Legal Education's CivicSummits

The Civic Learning Initiative is hosting two Summits in 2017 that will specifically address gaps in civic learning and how our state can be more effective in providing meaningful civic learning for all our Washington youth.


In the fall of 2015, the Council on Public Legal Education began its efforts to launch an ambitious Civic Learning Initiative (CLI) designed to bolster civic learning for Washington State youth. In recent years, study after study has shown that most young people in the United States have poor knowledge of, and are disconnected from, the basics of our democracy. And in 2014 only 23% of 8th graders tested "proficient" on the Nation's Report Card civics exam. We know that quality civic learning is the most important factor in determining whether young people will actively participate in their communities as adults. A democracy thrives when its citizens vote, show up for jury duty, engage in public life, join neighborhood groups, are aware of current civic issues, identify and listen to viewpoints other than their own, attend local government meetings, or voice their concerns to lawmakers.



Summit I & II


The Civic Learning Initiative kicks off January 2017 with Summit I at the Temple of Justice and the Washington State Legislative Auditorium. During Summit I participants will examine the nature of civic learning in the twenty-first century and specifically address gaps in civic learning in Washington and how the state can be more effective in providing meaningful civic learning to all youth in Washington.


Summit II will be held October 2017 where we will measure progress and move forward with the Civic Learning Initiative. We are honored to have U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor join us during this Summit. Justice Sotomayor will participate in a four-hour interactive session with participants from high-quality civic learning programs from our state, meet with law leaders and attend reception for 200.


Posted on September 21, 2016 .