Free Seattle History Publication for Social Studies Teachers

Historic Seattle would like to offer an outstanding regional history publication free of charge to interested teachers and librarians to augment their Social Studies curriculums during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Tradition and Change on Seattle’s First Hill: Propriety, Profanity, Pills, and Preservation 

Historic Seattle, which for over 42 years has taken the lead in preserving significant historic buildings and educating the public to the value of built heritage, published a beautiful and informative illustrated architectural and cultural history of the First Hill neighborhood as part of its 40th Anniversary celebration in 2014. 

First Hill developed east of downtown and became the location of important churches, clubs, hotels, schools, and residences for civic leaders and entrepreneurs from the 1890s until World War I. From 6th Avenue to Broadway and from Pike Street to Yesler Way, streets were filled with boarding houses, simple and elaborate residences, fraternal and ethnic community halls welcoming newcomers to the Northwest from America and abroad, and private and public schools. 

Many early buildings have since been demolished, leaving behind few physical remnants. Their losses document the transition to a denser, larger scale neighborhood of institutional and commercial buildings, apartment houses for every income level, and the center of Seattle’s health care industry. 

Historic Seattle would like to offer this book free of charge to interested teachers and librarians to augment their social studies curriculums.

If you are interested, please contact Larry Kreisman at Historic Seattle: (206) 622-5444 x 224 or


Posted on September 28, 2016 .