Breaking News! Choices Program Offering Pre-Conference Workshop Before the WSCSS Spring Conference in Skamania

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Teachers across the country use units from the Choices curriculum to invigorate their inquiry units and get their students thinking deeply about the important decisions that create history. We at the WSCSS are very excited to have them offer our first ever Pre-Conference Workshop on Friday, March 9th, before the official opening of our Spring Conference at the Skamania Lodge.

Engaging Students in Contemporary World Issues

The Choices Program will hold a half-day pre-conference workshop, Engaging Students in Contemporary World Issues, on Friday, March 9th, from 9-1.  The cost is $50 if you register before Jan. 15th.  All participants will receive breakfast and two Choices curriculum units, China on the World Stage:  Weighing the U.S. Response, and Climate Change and Questions of JusticeWashington teachers will receive four clock hours. The workshop is co-sponsored by University of Washington's East Asia Resource Center.  

Posted on December 2, 2017 .