Please support Bill 2SSB 5236!

The Washington State Council for the Social Studies (WSCSS) is urging its members to contact the members of the House Education Committee and their state representatives in support of 2SSB 5236. 

2SSB 5236 creates a public-private partnership that will provide support to teachers as they work to implement the Washington state civics education requirement. This partnership will work to provide support and training to teachers across the state by bringing together the resources of OSPI and the expertise of private civic education groups in our state. 


You can read the entire text of the bill and supplemental materials online and find a list of the House Education Committee members on the Committee's website. You can also find your representative online on the Legislature's website.


Please call (not email) your state representative and members of the Education Committee and let them know that you support civics education in Washington State!

Posted on March 10, 2017 .