The Lessons of Minidoka: Keeping the Internment of Japanese Americans Relevant for Twenty-First Century Teens 

From August 1942 until October 1945, thousands of Japanese Americans were interned in the Minidoka Relocation Camp, located in a remote area of southern Idaho. Help us ensure that teens understand why this seventy-year-old episode from American history remains starkly relevant today. 

Friends of Minedoka is working on a series of short documentaries (ranging from 4 minutes to 30 minutes) about the experiences of those interned at Minidoka – and about how their former neighbors and friends responded to the forced relocation. To ensure these documentaries reach the widest audience possible, we are creating high school lesson plans, as well as activities to engage teens in youth programs or at museums or other programs outside of school. All the materials will be available for free to teachers and the public once they are completed.

We are currently inviting high school teachers and staff/volunteers who work with teens through youth programs or at museums or other settings to participate in online focus groups to identify what the documentaries, lesson plans, and activities should cover. Participants will be paid $100 for their time. 

We are seeking teachers who are:

  • Teaching (or have taught within the past three years) at least one of the following at the high school level: 

    • US History (must include 20th century or World War II)

    • Civics

    • US Government

    • Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or Alaska state history (must include 20th century or World War II)

  • Comfortable teaching content that include historical documents, historical images, documentary video, and/or interview transcripts.

  • Excited about collaboration with other teachers from across the US to create engaging learning experiences for high school students

  • Available to participate in 2 sessions for a total of 2.5 hours of virtual focus groups at the following times:

o   Saturday, April 27th from 10-11am Pacific (1-2 pm Eastern)

o   Saturday, May 11th from 9:30-11am Pacific (12:30-2 pm Eastern)

Anyone interested in participating and able to commit to the dates/times above is invited to register here:

Posted on April 1, 2019 .