Simulations and Instructional Games

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Copyright ITU Pictures


Online Simulations

  • Connect with Haji Kamal - A decision making model designed for the USArmy

  • Economics Simulations

  • Nobel Prize- The Nobel Prize organization has a whole section on education simulations/games that have been nominated and/or won Nobel prizes! Social studies topics can be found in multiple categories: medicine, peace, and economics.

  • Historical Simulations - A collection of historical simulations

  • Flight to Freedom - This role-playing game simulates the experience of fugitive slaves.

  • Westward Ho! – (6-12) Travel the Oregon Trail! Lots of laughter, learning and realism in this online simulation.

  • Edo Japan, A Virtual Tour - A detailed virtual tour of 18th century Edo (now Tokyo) using traditional web pages.

  • iCivics- Lessons and games that include simulations for studying constitutional rights, debating, roles and responsibilities of the president, and the 3 branches of government.

  • Playing History- A collection of historical simulations and games that include various areas of social studies.

Classroom Simulations