If you are a teacher, principal, or community member who knows of a social studies teacher who has gone above and beyond to reach their students, please consider nominating them to be the Washington State Social Studies Educator of the Year.  Recognition is one of the surest ways to reward and encourage excellence, so be sure to nominate those educators who have shown great contributions and dedication to their craft this year!

Please be sure the following information is correct so the state council can contact you to verify the nomination before the application deadline of February 1st.  The 2018 Social Studies Educator of the Year will be announced at the Fall Conference in October.

Please feel free to include information or evidence to support your nomination.  This may include:

  1. Letters of Recommendation
  2. Awards and Accomplishments
  3. News Articles
  4. Your and others testimonials to support the nominee
Nominated Educator's Name *
Nominated Educator's Name
Phone Number of Nominated Educator's School *
Phone Number of Nominated Educator's School
Nominator's Name
Nominator's Name
Nominator's Phone Number
Nominator's Phone Number
If needed, you can e-mail additional documentation directly to Brad Liebrecht (Nominating Committee Chair) at liebrechtb@wvsd208.org