WSCSS Executive Board

March 2018 - March 2020




President/Advocacy Chair

Brad Liebrecht 






Mary Hammond Bernson




Jerry Price



Social Media Director

Jerry Price





Executive Secretary

Tara Gray

At Large Representatives

A Class (March 2016-March 2019)





Spring Conference Facilities Coordinator

John Hines





Fall Conference Chair

Mary Anne Christy





Assistant Winter/K-8 Conference Chair

Patty Shelton







Conference Registrar

Mary Barnes

At Large Representatives

B Class (March 2018-March 2021)


IMG_2281 - UnChong Kim.JPG



Lesson Plan Database Manager

Un Chong Kim






Recording Secretary

Paulette Thompson





Nancy Lenihan




Ryan Hauck

At Large Representatives

C Class  (March 2017 - March 2020)




Exhibitor Coordinator

Jennifer Ligot



CBz - Mrs. Clark-Bennett.jpg



Suz Clark-Bennett






Fall Inservice Facilities

Sarah Treworgy





(Open Seat)

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Non-Voting/Non-Elected Board Members

These positions do not expire





Washington State Social Studies Program Supervisor

Carol Coe







Winter/K-8 Conference Chair

Oralee Kramer






Spring Conference Program Chair

Wendy Ewbank




President Emeritus/Fall Conference Facility Coordinator

Carinna Tarvin




President Emeritus/Website Administrator

Anthony Jonas





Social Media Producer

David Blacketer